To serve the people in need, we need all your support. We seek your partnership in making the work of Willing Hearts possible. Please be our partners in any of the following ways:

Donating Money

Yes, I would like to donate money. 我要捐款。

Willing Heats DOES NOT solicit cash donations on the street, face-to-face or door-to-door. We DO NOT have volunteers on the street collecting cash on our behalf. Donors may contribute to Willing Hearts by issuing a crossed cheque and sending to our registered office or via electronic donation directly to our Willing Hearts Account (the details of which can be found below). If in doubt, please contact Tony Tay directly.

Via Cheques. Please make cheque donations payable to "WILLING HEARTS" and mail to our office at : 82, Jalan Taman S(329020)
Via internet banking or bank transfer. Our account information is

Branch code: 437
Bank code: 7375
Bank A/c: 393 300 1804
Swift code: uovbsgsg (for overseas remittance)